According to statistics, the majority of people who apply for a loan face the problem of repaying it. In order not to fall into such a situation, you need to familiarize yourself with the possible consequences in advance. Law-abiding borrowers who find themselves in a difficult situation may refuse to repay a loan at Lendoff Bank, no matter how absurd it may sound.

Legal ways to not pay a loan

Legal ways to not pay a loan

To do this, you need to contact Lendoff Bank with a request to make an adjustment to the payment schedule. In critical situations, even more loyal solutions are possible. In any case, the borrower should not be left alone with the problem, wait for its aggravation.

You always need to make contact, look for optimal solutions. But it is impossible to completely refuse to pay off debt, because the consequences will be unpleasant for the borrower.

In addition to decent customers, there are users who are not going to return money to the bank. These borrowers draw up a loan in Lendoff for the purpose of easy profit. But there are no gratuitous cash loans. A financial institution is interested in mutually beneficial cooperation. If the client does not think so, then before you get a loan, you should think carefully about the possible consequences.

Credit Facilitation

Credit Facilitation

Once the borrower has realized that he will not be able to pay the loan, you need to seek help from Lendoff specialists. The bank manager will help find a way out of a difficult situation without resorting to collectors and without litigation.

Options for deferring a monthly payment:

  • change in the amount of payment;
  • loan freeze;
  • maturity adjustment.

Consultation with the manager of a financial institution will take a little time, help not to break the law.

Change in monthly payment

With timely contact to the bank, you can count on support and qualified assistance. To begin with, the manager will suggest changing the amount of the monthly payment. Then you can discuss the increase in the terms for repayment of the debt. The second option allows not only to delay the time, but significantly reduce the mandatory payment.

Clients with Lendoff debt receive legal advice and qualified assistance, so do not completely refuse to pay the debt. It is necessary to carefully consider a new loan repayment schedule, which will help to quickly get out of this situation.


Transferring a monthly payment is one of the options for additional customer support. Overdue payments are subject to penalties, entail the imposition of penalties. To prevent the emergence of extreme penalties, do not abuse the loyalty of the bank.

Loan freeze

There is another option for deferred payment – a loan freeze. The next transfer of debt to the account of a financial institution will be carried out after a certain time indicated by the borrowers in the relevant document.

There is an article in the legislative framework of the Russian Federation that stipulates the possibility of temporary freezing of a loan. To do this, the client should contact the bank, presenting a good reason to obtain a deferral of up to three years.

Bank actions in case of loan default

Bank actions in case of loan default

Loyal conditions for the provision of credit loans by Lendoff Bank give grounds for some citizens not to return the money. Therefore, some customers deliberately do not pay the loan, referring to existing laws. In such cases, can Lendoff sue for non-repayment of the loan? Can.

The creditor has the right to apply the following measures to customers:

  • fines;
  • regular manager calls reminding you of late payment;
  • Attraction of own security service;
  • collection agencies;
  • statements of claim in court.

In each of the above methods, Lendoff Bank will act exclusively within the law.


The loan agreement defines the conditions for the return of funds, the terms, what will happen if you do not repay the loan to Lendoff, as well as possible fines and additional charges. Before signing the loan document, the manager of the financial institution Lendoff negotiates with the client how the interest is calculated and on what factors its size depends. If you have any questions, they should be clarified immediately at a meeting with a bank representative, or call.

Manager calls

When a monthly payment is late in Lendoff, managers begin to actively call careless customers to clarify the reason for the delay in payment of funds. The borrower is advised not to avoid answers, to indicate the real reason.

This will prove that the debtor has no malicious intent. There are clients who deliberately ignore calls, but this will not lead to anything good.

Own security service

 The next stage of communication with credit debtors is the bank’s security service. Most borrowers confuse bank representatives with collectors; they believe that they resolve issues through physical violence.

The functions of the security service include only informing debtors over the telephone. If the client does not answer the calls, then the internal security service will look for exits to the employer or the guarantor of the loan.

A conversation will be held with him, aimed at ensuring mutually beneficial cooperation, without transferring personal information about the amount of debt and loan terms.


Malicious debtors who refused to solve the problem peacefully are expected to meet with collectors who work with banks and financial institutions of the country. At the same time, the actions of the collectors are clearly regulated, based on the legislation of the Russian Federation. Therefore, representatives of collection companies do not go beyond what is permitted.

Going to court

If the loan debt has exceeded 250,000 USD, then you can’t do without a lawsuit and Lendoff Bank will sue if you do not pay the loan. An open case may result in criminal liability. But there are times when debtors, realizing the severity of the consequences, try to solve the issue mutually beneficial.

Given all the possible consequences, you should not bring the matter to court, but solve the problem right away. In problematic situations, Lendoff Bank always meets its customers.