The Federal Finance Minister has been doing it for years. He takes out loans and pays back less than he got. What the Federal Ministry of Finance is right, thought the operators of the credit platform Creditend, our customers can only be cheap.

Take credit and still make money

Take credit and still make money

Against this background, Creditend is currently running a large new customer campaign with negative interest rates. New customers who borrow more than € 1,000 with a maturity of 36 months benefit from an annual interest rate of – 0.4%. Take 1,000 euros and pay back only 960 euros – and at a comfortable monthly rate of only 27.61 euros.

So it pays to visit Creditend quickly and take advantage of this great deal.

Loan without interest – Loan with negative interest rate

Loan without interest - Loan with negative interest rate

  • – 0.4% annual percentage rate
  • – 0.4% bound debit interest
  • 1.000 € net loan amount
  • 36 months duration

What is Creditend?

What is Creditend?

Creditend is a credit comparison portal that combines two options. Originally the portal was launched as a pure credit marketplace for loans from private to private. Consumers can stop their loan application, and other consumers looking for a non-bank investment can finance the loan. Not a single investor finances the entire amount, but many investors participate with small amounts in the project.

Meanwhile, Creditend also offers classic bank loans as part of a credit comparison. The customer has the choice of whether he wants to use a swarm financing by private investors, or rather a loan by a bank.

The advantage of the swarm financing is clearly that there are investors who lend money against a higher interest quite synonymous people who would have no chance at a bank due to a weak credit rating. However, even for loans from private to private, Creditend sets minimum credit standards. Consumers with hard Private credit characteristics have no chance.

Due to the dual nature of bank and personal loans, Creditend is the first real credit marketplace to offer all variants to all borrowers.

And Creditend is the first provider to offer private individuals a loan with negative interest rates. One more reason to test the Berlin portal once.